NExpress News now on Koha Home Page Too

NExpress has a lot of ways of communicating with member libraries.  E-mail lists, a “News” blog, the left hand sidebar on the Koha home page, etc.  We even have a Facebook page that nobody seems to be using (only 44 “Likes”).  In order try to make it easier to find the things on the news blog, a feed of that blog will now appear on the home page in Koha.

You can see an example of this change by clicking on this link: nexpress-news-2016-09-30

Alternative Holds Queue Report

There is a new report that can act as a replacement to Koha’s built-in holds queue report.  This report does not contain patron information (so if you print it out you don’t have to worry about shredding the report when you’re done searching) and the barcode numbers that appear on this report are in barcode format and can be scanned by a barcode scanner.

For more information, see the attached training document.


Automatic Payment/Writeoff Notes

I’ve written some code and added it to Koha that will automatically leave a note when someone accepts payment for a fee in Koha or writes off a fee in Koha.  This is a first step to being able to write reports that can identify who is processing fee payments and where they are processing them at.

Please see the attached instruction sheet for more information.